January 16, 2008

Japanese Customer: McDonald's new coffee strategy - Japan?

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Golden Arches East: McDonald's in East Asia

Photo: Side shot of new coffee cup- McDonald's Japan - January 2008

Photo: Premium Roast Coffee

Photo: New black lid for coffee - McDonalds Japan

Last year we saw a major roll out of the McCafe brand in Japan and with the recent launch of a new strategy in USA last week, coffee seems to be a key strategy in the war to win customers and keep them in store longer?

A recent new coffee cup used at McDonalds in Japan boasting "Premium Roast Coffee"
could be a start to something new in the Japanese market as well?

"(McDonald's)The burger giant plans to install specialty coffee stations in all its restaurants over the next 18 months (USA). The stations, which are a scaled-down version of the format Starbucks uses, could deliver another $1 billion in sales to McDonald's" Judith Crown

Source: "Coffee gets hotter at McDonald's,
Business Week, January 9th 2008

Further reading: Book - Golden Arches East: McDonald's in East Asia


  1. i enjoy everything the the McDonald's McCafe coffees except the goofy name

  2. You will probably also enjoy the forthcoming Premium Roast Coffee as it is rolled out.The McBakery range of pastries is also a delicious new menu item.

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