June 29, 2010

Pizza franchises eye a business chance and get their flyers in letterboxes for the world cup match tonight between Japan and Paraguay

Picture: Quattro - Meat the World Pizza by Domino Pizza - Japan.

The local pizza shops in Tokyo this evening planning on a big television audience for tonight's World Cup soccer match between Japan and Paraguay were ready with their flyer's in consumers letterboxes. The suggestive pictures of pizza, subs and pasta maybe just enough of a push for sports fans to stay up and order a pizza for watching the big game. A Quattro pizza by Domino's Pizza - Japan would be a good selection for watching the world cup as it has four corners, each representing a country, United States (New York Barbecue Sauce), Spain (Iberico pork with tomato sauce,) Japan (Chicken Teriyaki) & Korea (beef).

A typical pizza flyer in Japan is an excursion of choice, variety and colour. Exotic toppings, innovative mixtures of ingredients, two main sizes (25cm and 36cm) and a plethora of base choices (four on a typical Domino's Pizza flyer). Japanese customers can order their pizza with Domino's three ways, 1. Online and get a 5% discount or 2. Order from their mobile phone using a QR code on the flyer and 3. by telephone. Unfortunately in a big city like Tokyo, there are no time guarantees, with close to 6000 people per square kilometre. Drool at the choices and amazing variety Japanese customers have here

Pizza is an ideal respite for the blistering humidity that has engulfed the city this week as summer nudges consumers.

Video: Domino Pizza TV Commercial Japan by PeterT111

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