August 30, 2010

Contemporary Japan: History, politics & social change - New book by Jeff Kingston

Review : "Japan's anaemic economy is well understood, but how it has affected Japanese society is not. This is where Mr Kingston's contribution shines."
--Economist August 19, 2010

"At the start of the 1990s, the Japanese post-war economic miracle came to a screeching half. A series of disastrous market collapses and an ensuring economic meltdown resulted in what is now referred to as Japan's "Lost Decade". Yet the phenomenon represents much more than a singular economic debacle and case of bungled government policy decisions. This book presents an accessible and
comprehensive examination of the causes of the Japanese housing bubble in the late 1980s and the socio-political consequences of the ensuring implosion of asset values."

Author:Kingston, Jeff
Title: CONTEMPORARY JAPAN: History, politics, and social change since the 1980s.
Publisher:Oxford, Wiley-Blackwell. 2010 328pp.
ISBN 978 1405 191944

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