September 09, 2010

Japanese customers see five of their universities in the worlds top 100 rankings in 2010

"Harvard University is no longer the world's No. 1 university, according to 2010 university rankings released Wednesday...But Asian universities are holding the ground they've gained on Western schools...(Japan has three universities in the top 50 and 5 in the top 100. See full list here)

Source:The world's Top 200 universities: Harvard no longer No. 1?
By Ariel Zirulnick,
September 8, 2010

Compared to last years results

"Harvard is still No. 1. But the United States? It better look over its shoulder – both East and West.....But Britain, Japan, Hong Kong, and South Korea, among others, are stealing precious turf....Japan added to its holdings with 11 schools, six of them in the top 100."

Source:World's top 200 colleges: an educated guess?
By Amelia Newcomb,
Deputy International Editor
October 8, 2009

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