December 01, 2011

Japanese Customer: Ten things that impacted on Japanese Customers in 2007 - what made them worry, what made them happy, what gave them hope?

What made Japanese customers worry in 2007

1. Pension scandal - the Social Insurance Agency responsible for pensions said it was unable to match the records of people who had paid premiums meaning many may not be able to get their pension

2. Mislabelling scandals. A range of companies were found to have mislabelled or falsified "use by dates" and the ingredients they said they used in the product.

3. The Japanese yen lost value against all major currencies.

4. Economic growth was revised down and the stock market index Nikkei 225
 gave investors a negative return.

5. Largest English school Nova went bankrupt, students and teachers lost their money.

6. Rising prices on a range of goods and decreasing wages.

What gave Japanese Customers hope

7. New Miyazaki governor Hideo Higashikokubaru after winning an astonishing 90.7 percent of the vote.

What made Japanese Customers happy

8. 96.3 percent of Japan’s 2007 university graduates got jobs, unemployment was at a low of 3.8%

9. The Economist dubbed Japan the most innovative country on the planet

10. Connecting with like minded people on social networking sites like Mixi and viewing videos on YouTube.

Source: Metropolis Magazine

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