January 13, 2012

Japanese customer visitor arrivals to Australia are down by 9.9% according to research

Picture - Japanese Customer - suitcase ready to travel

" visitor arrivals (down) 
by 9.9% per cent from Japan"

Source: Tourism numbers go east
By Louise Dodson
Australian Financial Review newspaper
Friday 13/1/12, page 11


With the yen appreciating against most major currencies to record levels, Japan having access to discount airlines like Jetstar with flights at an all time lowest price, with baby boomers retired or retiring and claiming pensions & having free time, Japanese love of Australia. The short flight, the opposite weather, winter in Japan , summer in Australia. The only reasons we can think of is the social stigma of the tsunami lingering in Japan where people feel obliged to stay close to home. On the Australia side, we can imagine the lack of infrastructure (difficulty moving quickly between locations), lack of Japanese customer service training and lack of attention on Japanese customer needs, eg, having a washlet toilet in the hotel. From all accounts it is not money stopping them. Japanese love to travel and jump at the chance any time they can. If Australia wants Japanese customers they have to work harder to get them, simple as that. 

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