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January 30, 2012

Japanese Customers newsround up Monday 30th January, 2012

Picture: Japanese student studying Japanese

  • Young Japanese customers not excited about getting a job that uses English according to research which  has some interesting results
          "Only 11 per cent responded they strongly hope to get a job that requires English skills,...In contrast,
           43 per cent answered, "I don't want to get a job that requires English skills," up from 36 per cent in the
           previous survey."

  • Japanese students continue to resist studying abroad in foreign countries 
          " the number of Japanese students studying in foreign countries, including the United States, stood
               at 66,833 in 2008, down 20 percent from the peak in 2004."

  • Japanese customers keep just 5.6% percent of their wealth in equities
          " Four recessions and a 77-per-cent slide in stocks over the past two decades have led Japan's  
            households to be wary. They keep just 5.6 per cent of their wealth in equities, compared with 
          21 per cent in 1989 when the Nikkei peaked at 38,916."

          Investors warm to Japanese investments again

  • Foreign tourism in Japan may make up a loss in consumption due to shrinking population
          "Japan's second-largest city, Osaka, for example, is projected to see its population decline by 
           280,000 by 2020, and is bracing for a corresponding drop in consumption. Growth in tourism, 
           however, could add $2.5 billion to the area's annual personal consumption. "An increase in 
           Chinese tourists could make up for up to 60% of the lost consumption," 

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