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February 17, 2012

Japanese Customer News - Friday 17th February, 2012


Japanese Customer News

Friday 17th February, 2012

Picture: Costume at Japanese  festival

1. Japanese longevity linked to living in cities according to report

“According to a 2005 survey on male longevity broken down by district, the area with the top longevity in Japan was Aoba Ward in Yokohama City, whose average stood at 81.7 years. This was followed by four more suburbs of Tokyo: Aso Ward in Kawasaki City with 81.7 years, Mitaka City in Tokyo (81.4); Kokubunji City, Tokyo (81.4); and Tokyo’s Nerima Ward (81.2).”

Source: Japan Today

2. Cyworld a Korean Social Networking Site trying to gain more Japanese customers

“ Cyworld had 24.26 million visitors in December, around 40 percent more than that of Facebook. “

Source: Korea Times

3. Japanese learning English online from schools based in the Philippines

“An online English conversation school based in the Philippines is attracting Japanese learners by offering inexpensive lessons”

4. Japanese professionals ranked as least happy with their current job in recent survey

“Japanese professionals ranked as being the least happy with only 31 percent of professionals in that country stating they were “happy” or “very happy” with their current job.”

Source: Linkedin

5. Japan has lower fertility rates compared to other countries

Average number of children born by woman during her lifetime each year

Country              1900       1950       1970       2000       2005
USA                       3.8          3.4          2.5          2.1          2.1
Australia              3.4          3.2          2.9          1.8          1.8
Japan                    5.2          3.6          2.1          1.4          1.3 (lowest)
Mean                    4.1          2.8          2.4          1.7          1.7

Source: How Australia Compares, Tiffen & Gittens, 2nd Edition, 2009. Chapter 1, People, Page 9