February 20, 2012

Japanese Customer News - Monday 20th February, 2012


Japanese Customer News

Monday 20th February, 2012.

Japanese tabi socks
 - cool, comfortable and natural feel

1. Japanese customers get Hulu and unlimited content

“Hulu Japan launched in September 2011….  The service allows Japanese consumers to watch unlimited content on multiple Internet connected devices.”

2. What do Japanese women like when it comes to fashion?

"Japanese women are thin and little and they like jewellery that is small and fine. They do not go for chunky gold or silver jewellery”

3. Japan fifth most expensive country in the world according to OECD survey

“Relative cost to buy a basic basket of consumer goods in different countries at current exchange rates(index)
1.Switzerland 113, 2.Norway 102, 3. Australia 100, 4. Denmark 97, 5. Japan 96, 9. UK  82, 24. US  62, 28. Korea 51” As at Feb 15, 2012 Source: OECD

Source: Start Worrying when the dollar stops rising
Australian Financial Review, Perspective Feb 18-19, 2012 page 44

4. Japanese customers attracted to Native American jewelry  according to news report

“Japanese buyers have educated themselves on what authentic Native American jewelry is. They're looking for high-end, handmade original pieces.”

Source: KOAT 7

5. Japan’s population growth

20th Century Populations, Millions

Country    1900       1950     2000
USA         76         152.3    282.6                    
Japan      43.8        83.8    126.6
Australia   3.8           8.3      19.2


How Australia Compares, Tiffen & Gittens, 2nd Edition, 2009. Chapter 1, Table 1.3,People,  Page 6

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