February 08, 2012

#jcustomer Japanese customer news round up Wednesday February 8th, 2012 by


Picture: Beautiful Japanese kimono

1. Problem gambling impacts the lives of Japanese women

“1.6% of all Japanese women are compulsive gamblers, according to health ministry statistics for 2009. That’s 750,000 people”

Source:   Japan Today

2. Japanese consumers feel the pinch as eel prices rise

“Transaction prices for freshwater glass eel have tripled from last year's nationwide average of about ¥850,000 per kg, to ¥2 million to ¥2.5 million this year — about 10 times the ¥250,000 quoted in 2004.”

Source:  Japan Times

What are the health benefits of eating Eel?

"unsaturated fatty acids like DHA and EPA are more abundant in unagi (eel) than in other seafood."

Japanese Eel Here

3. Ten things to love about daily life in Japan

“Japan does seafood best” – Debito Arudou

Source:  Japan Times

Recipes from the Japanese Kitchen here

4.  Green Tea the inside secret to long life & good health for Japanese consumers

Japanese Green tea here

“ Those who got through at least 5 cups per day were 33 percent less likely to develop a disability than those who drank less than a cup”

Source: Green Light for health. Herald Sun Newspaper, Wednesday February 8th, 2012, page 25

Japanese mobile phones - insight here

5. Japanese consumers number one in phone usage according to research

“out of 18 top phone user categories Japan’s users ranked No. 1 in 10 spots.”

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