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February 22, 2012

Japanese Customer News - Wednesday 22/2/12


Japanese Customer News - Wednesday 22/2/12

Wednesday 22nd February, 2012

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1. Economic background doesn’t seem to impact Japanese students study performance

“Education still contains a democratic element in Japan relative to its neighbors. Much more than other Asian countries, Japanese students perform well regardless of their economic background.”

Source: Japan Times

2. Middle age Japanese salarymen buying tomato juice as a way to beat metabolic syndrome

“Kyoto University …study concluded that mice ingesting tomatoes “equivalent to 200mL, three times a day for a human” had “reduced levels of neutral fat in their blood.”

Source: Rocket news     Yomiuri

Japanese mobile phones - Why are they so much apart of life in Japan?

3.  Most popular Japanese woman on TV commercials in 2011 was Aya Ueto

“Aya Ueto, 26, was Japan’s TV commercial queen for 2011,..Ueto appeared in ads for more than 10 companies, such as Softbank Mobile”

Source:  Japan Today

Softbank Television Commercial – Father (dog) thinks he’s an alien with Aya Ueto (blue kimono) in Japanese

4. Japanese customers see reduction of nuclear power

 “only two out of a total 54 commercial reactors operating in Japan”.

Source: Nikkei, Tuesday 21/2/12 

Japanese Sweets

5. Japanese customers reduced their electricity consumption in winter (January ) by 3.7% . Amazing!

“Electricity sales by the nation's 10 regional utilities fell 3.7 percent to 80.77 billion kwh in January, marking the 11th consecutive month of decline since the March 11 earthquake and tsunami, an industry body said Friday.”

Source: Japan Times