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February 29, 2012

Japanese Customer News Wednesday 29th February, 2012


Japanese Customer News

Wednesday 29th February, 2012

Picture: Akihabara Appliance store, Tokyo.Japan

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1. Japanese customers see the average monthly pay decrease in 2011

“ According to the results the average monthly pay of a full-time worker in Japan in 2011 was ¥296,800, which was 0.2 percent less than it was in 2010. Yearly salaries have been going down since 2008, when the average was ¥299,980.”

Source: Japan Times, Yen for Living by Philip Brasor

2. Japanese customers get access to new Mitsubishi air conditioners from March 2012

“The new models offer powerful air cleaning capability achieved via two innovative features: “plasma 4D ions,” a function in which indoor air is cleaned and sterilized by blowing negative ion”

Source: Japan Today

3. Jogging still a hot craze in Japan

“Tokyo Marathon still had almost 10 times as many applicants as the 35,500 spots in the race. The increase in women running put the phrase “beautiful jogger” onto the shortlist of top buzz words for 2011”

Source: Japan Times, Japan Pulse by Sandra Barron

4. Cultivated land in Japan is reducing

“..cultivated land in Japan slipped from 6.08 million hectares in 1961 to 4.56 million hectares in 2011, while abandoned arable land jumped from 130,000 hectares in 1975 to 390,000 hectares in 2010.”

5. Japanese food self sufficiency at 39%

“Japan filled only 39 percent of its own food needs in fiscal 2010”

Source:  Mainichi News