🌸Japanese Customer : Japanese Customers news round up for Monday February 6th, 2012


February 06, 2012

Japanese Customers news round up for Monday February 6th, 2012

 Picture: Japanese customers love instant noodles - cheap, convenient & quick

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1. How do Japanese customers spend their free time at home in Japan?

“One of the most popular pastimes for Japanese people is to relax in a natural hot spring, or an onsen. “

Source: Yahoo Answers

2. Japanese consumers set the pace for other Asian consumers who follow them in wine consumption

“Japanese consumers appear to be precursors for the rest of Asia. ”

Source: Vinexpo.com

3. Video - Hot food vending machines in Japan

What kind of products do Japanese customers like to eat hot from vending machines?

Source: JapaneseCustomer.com

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Nissin UFO 
Yakisoba Noodles

4. Asahi increases its long term investment into Australia

“Over the past three years, Asahi has outlaid more than $2.8 billion on non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverage assets in Australia & New Zealand”

Source: ACCC’s Asahi call under fire, Sue Mitchell, The Australian Financial Review, Monday 6th Feb, 2012, page 15

5. Japanese customers get solar electricity at Honda dealerships in Japan

“Honda has been already installing solar power generation systems at some Honda automobile dealership locations” 

Source: Japan Today