February 14, 2012

Japanese Customers news round up for Tuesday 14th, February, 2012 - Valentines Day special

Picture: Japanese gift for valentines day

Japanese chocolate here

Meltykiss Matcha Green Tea here

1. 10 ways Japanese customers will spend valentines today in Japan

“Each month on the 14th, you can take advantage of discounted tickets at the cinema chain (Toho) for a traditional “dinner and movie” date.

Source: Japan Today

3. Machikon a draw card for young Japanese looking for a partner

“Machikon is a type of matchmaking party that brings together bar- and restaurant-hopping and singles parties, with the aim of rejuvenating shuttered local shopping districts”

Source:  Japan Times

4. Japanese families discovering that possible causes of social withdrawal maybe closer to home

“hikikomori" (social withdrawal) involving children, for example, often stem from family-related problems -- those involving their parents, siblings or other relatives.”

5. Japanese customers in Tokyo adjusting to new bicycle regulations

“100 areas of the capital which have been designated “Bicycle Traffic Regulation Zones””

Source: Japan Today

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