🌸Japanese Customer : #jcustomer Japanese Customer News 16th Feb 2012


February 16, 2012

#jcustomer Japanese Customer News 16th Feb 2012


Japanese Customer News 16th Feb 2012

Thursday 16th February, 2012.
 Picture: Japanese customers enjoying a meal

1. Japanese shoppers get a taste of Italy with Armani opening a with new wine bar in Ginza

“Hoping to entice and introduce Japanese shoppers to the idea of an Italian aperitivo, the new wine bar offers 300 types of Italian wine

2.  Haier group hopes to win more Japanese customers to their appliances

“Haier expected its sales in Japan to reach 50 billion yen in 2012”

Source: PRNewswire

3. Japanese customers could benefit from Sony’s new energy efficient power plugs

“new electric socket systems that can recognize a gadget or appliance that is being plugged in, and automatically monitor energy consumption and possibly control power supply to optimize efficiency”

Source: WSJ.

4. Japanese most concerned about office pranks in the work place

“ Japanese are more peeved by office pranks than others “ (40% Japan versus 18% worldwide)

Source: Linkedin.

5. Japanese customers live in a highly dense population

“Area & Population Density
Australia,  population per square kilometer (2005) = 3, Area (thousands of square kilometres) = 7687
USA,       population per square kilometer (2005) = 32, Area (thousands of square kilometres) = 9372
Japan,      population per square kilometer (2005) = 342, Area (thousands of square kilometres) = 378
Source:   How Australia Compares, Tiffen & Gittens, 2nd Edition, 2009. Chapter 1, People, Page 6