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February 21, 2012

#jcustomer Japanese Customer News 21/2/12


Japanese Customer News 21/2/12

Tuesday 21st February, 2012
Picture: Japanese sake

1. Japanese women with a university degree do very well compared to high school graduate

“(Japanese) Women with a university degree earn a whopping 91 percent more than women who only complete high school.”

Source: Japan Times

2.  Japanese sake  exports increased in 2011

“Japan exported some 14,013 kiloliters of nihonshu -- or sake -- in 2011, up some 243 kiloliters from the previous year, and the largest figure seen to date”.

3. Japanese customers see two largest life insurers in talks to merge

“Sompo Japan Insurance Inc. and Nipponkoa Insurance Co…have reached a broad agreement to merge, possibly in April 2014,(in 2010) the two companies had a combined net premium income of 1.9 trillion yen and about 20 million policyholders.”

Source: Daily Yomiuri, Monday 20/2/12 

4. Japanese customers pay 8 times more for rice than some other countries

“Because we impose import tariffs of 778 percent on rice and 250 percent on wheat. In other words, Japanese consumers pay 7.8 times more for rice and 2.5 times more for wheat than their overseas counterparts. This is one factor behind Japan's high prices.”

5. Japanese customers have over 1.2 billion bank accounts

“Japan reportedly has a much larger number of bank accounts--at 1.2 billion--than many other countries”

Source: Daily Yomiuri, Monday 20/2/12