🌸Japanese Customer : #jcustomer Japanese customer news round up Thursday 9th February, 2012


February 09, 2012

#jcustomer Japanese customer news round up Thursday 9th February, 2012


 Japanese customer news round up 

Thursday 9th February, 2012

Picture : Sony Walkman  - 
The classic Japanese consumer product

1. Japanese customers closer to new discount airline from Australia for domestic travel – Jetstar

“ Jetstar..aims to begin services by July 3..in a bid to catch up with other cut-price debutants launching in coming months”

Source:  Early Takeoff for new Jetstar, Page 50, Thursday, Feb 9, 2012
Herald Sun Newspaper/Australian

2. Job search season starts for young Japanese customers

Picture by: Japan Today

3. Popular Japanese Customer afternoon TV drama being filmed in Australia

“one million housewives, mainly in Tokyo, will see the popular Arigato afternoon television lifestyle show episode being filmed in the Far North this week.”

4. Japanese traveler shares what its like to eat fast food in North Korea

“the fried chicken was delicious with a nice crispy coating. Also, since they gave me a little plastic glove to eat my chicken, my hands didn’t get all greasy.”

5. Japanese customers who earn less than ¥1.12 million in disposable income are deemed below the poverty line.

“About 1 in 3 women between the ages of 20 and 64 who live alone are living in poverty”

Source:  Japan Times