March 16, 2012

Japanese Customer News Friday 16th March , 2012


Japanese Customer News

Friday 16th March , 2012

Picture: Japanese food

Washoku - The best of Japanese food

1. Technology to be used to predict earthquakes

“Japan will begin an experiment from late March using the global positioning system to better estimate earthquake magnitudes and improve disaster management.”

2. Q: What is the top criteria for those in Tokyo looking to rent an apartment?

A: “The number one answer (30.3 percent)…was distance from the nearest train station”,

Source: Yen For Living by Philip Brasor

3. Oldest nuclear reactor in Japan celebrates anniversary

“Japan's oldest commercial nuclear reactor reached its 42nd anniversary Wednesday”

4. New discovery of “haniwa” pottery in Matsue

“Fragments of fifth-century clay figures shaped in human form have been found at a burial mound”

5. Japanese food as a “cultural asset”

“Japan is planning to recommend that traditional Japanese cuisine be recognized by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage”

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