March 12, 2012

Japanese Customer News Monday 12th March, 2012


Japanese Customer News

Monday 12th March, 2012

Picture: Mail delivery in Japan

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1. Japanese apartment buyers taking a closer look at solar apartments

“Interest in solar apartments grew after the March 11 earthquake last year.”

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2. 3/11 Tsunami debri

“aside from Tokyo, virtually no municipalities outside Tohoku have volunteered to incinerate some of the 22.5 million tons of tsunami debris”

Source: Japan Times

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3. Japanese customers may soon be able to hire foreign lawyers to help them do business abroad

“allowing foreign lawyers to set up their own incorporated bodies will make it possible for them to solicit funding and provide services in regional municipalities”

Source: Japan Times

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4. Japanese customers love to travel – here are the numbers to prove it

“For 2011 as a whole, departures were 2% higher than in 2010 — to just under 17 million from 16.6 million in 2010 — with growth evident from as early as July”

“Japan is the third largest travel and tourism economy in the world “

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5. Japanese customers get first look at Toyota concept car FT- Bh at Geneva motor show

“the FT-Bh ..weighs just 786kg .. the four-seat runabout ..uses a 1.0-litre, two-cylinder hybrid drive train - to achieve a claimed fuel use of just 2.1L/100km…”

Source: The Age

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