March 07, 2012

Japanese Customer News Wednesday 7th March, 2012


Japanese Customer News

Wednesday 7th March, 2012

Picture: Japanese beer at a station kiosk in Japan

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1. Japanese customers saw unemployment rate jump to 4.6% 

“Japan's unemployment rate deteriorated to a seasonally adjusted 4.6 percent in January from a revised 4.5 percent in December, the government said Friday”

Source: Nikkei, Friday 2nd March, 2012

2. Japanese road users impacted by recent snow falls

“More than 2,300 snow-related traffic accidents were reported in the Kanto region “

Source: Japan Today

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3. Japanese customers will get smart meters

“Tokyo Electric Power Co. plans to introduce next-generation "smart meters" in households in fall 2013 to increase efficient energy use and curb power demand…officials ..hope the … cost of each smart meter from ¥50,000 now to less than ¥10,000.”

Source:  Japan Times  

4. Japanese customers in Tokyo now using Dinosaur Bridge which was built below estimated cost

“The 2618-metre bridge,.. almost halves journey times to container terminals in Tokyo Bay. Built at an estimated cost of 113 billion yen, it will carry about 32,000 vehicles a day …The bridge, which weighs 36,000 tons, was built for less than the original estimate of about 140 billion yen, thanks to new techniques and materials”,

5. Japanese customers watched CPI fall 0.1% in January

“Japan's core consumer price index continued to fall in January on the back of declines in prices of TVs and refrigerators, government data released Friday showed. …The BOJ last month unexpectedly increased the size of its asset purchase program--its main tool for credit easing amid near zero interest rates--to Y65 trillion ”

Source: Nikkei . Friday 2nd March, 2012

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