March 30, 2012

News Friday 30th, March 2012


Japanese Customer News

Friday 30th, March 2012


1. Younger Japanese graduates having tough time according to research

“Of about 850,000 people who graduated in the spring of 2010 from universities and technical colleges, 776,000 joined the workforce….About 52 percent, or 406,000, of the university and technical college graduates were unemployed, left their jobs or were expected to leave within three years.”

Source: Daily Yomiuri, Wed Mar 21, 2012,

2. Today is the end of the financial Year for Japanese Customers

April 1 is the start of the new financial year. 
Japanese calendar in English – listing public holidays here 

Source: Time and Date

3.Local Governments in Japan trying to cut energy costs look for low cost suppliers

“The Tachikawa Municipal Government in western Tokyo cut about 26.5 percent from its electricity bills in fiscal 2010 by switching to a PPS firm. The local government paid about 46.2 million yen that year against about 62.8 million yen in fiscal 2009.”

4. Japanese customers urged to prepare for the next “big one”, as recipes from 3/11 survivors become cookbook

“280 survivors on what items they used and what they were thankful for having--among them, water, rice, dry noodles, packaged food, portable gas cookers and plastic tanks for drinking water.”

Source: Daily Yomiuri, Wed March 21st, 2012,

Further reading : Editorial : Japan Times here


5.Number of biker gangs down in Tokyo to record low according to report

“Biker gangs are disappearing from Tokyo's roads, with the number of members documented by metropolitan police now standing at just 119 -- one-fiftieth of the peak of 5,379 marked in 1980”

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