March 29, 2012

News Thursday 29th, March, 2012


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Thursday 29th, March, 2012

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1. Nissan to re-launch the Datsun brand for cars

“Nissan is bringing back the Datsun three decades after shelving the brand ..the name synonymous with affordable and reliable small cars will power its growth in emerging markets.

Source: Japan Today

2. Number of employees at Narita airport down by 20% since 2009 level

“The number of people working at Narita International Airport has declined by around 9,715 from three years ago as a result of the global economic downturn and massive corporate downsizing at airline and air transport companies..Over the three years to last November, the number fell by 20 percent to 38,689”

Source: Japan Times

 3. Japanese commuters in Tokyo can ride an AKB48 train on the Yamanote line

Photo here:  Source aramatheydidnt

“AKB48 have taken over one train on the JR Yamanote line in Tokyo. Photos of the popular all-girl group adorn the outside and inside of all the cars of one train on the famous loop.”

Source: Japan Today

4. Japanese elderly leaving Japan as cost of nursing care not affordable for some

“Japanese are going to the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and other countries with their aged parents…"People who worry about looking after their elderly relatives in Japan consider moving to countries with low care costs, warm climates and respect for seniors," said Misuzu Yamada”

Source: Daily Yomiuri, Wednesday March 21, 2012 ,

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5. Panasonic develops  low power chip for smartphones that uses less than 1 watt

“This chipset can be embedded into mobile devices, such as smartphones, which require less than 1-watt power consumption. This technology enables the transfer a 30 minute-long compressed high-definition video content to mobile devices within 10 seconds.”

Source: Japan Today

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