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Tuesday 27th, March 2012

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1. Japanese customers to get access to local farmers produce along JR railway lines

“East Japan Railway Co.will launch a business in April to support farmers along its railway lines, including areas affected by last year's Great East Japan Earthquake.”

Source: Nikkei, Monday March 18th, 2012 ,

2. Eating cheap in Japan – like a Japanese Customer

“The basic year-round (Tempura)version (580 yen) comes topped with a couple of jumbo prawns and a selection of vegetables (green bean, eggplant, pumpkin), all drizzled with a savory (and slightly sweet) thick soy sauce, with miso soup on the side.”

Source: Japan Today

3. Some government department with cafeterias allow the public to enter

“City Hall .. allows the general public to dine at its cafeteria on the 32nd floor of its twin-towered skyscraper in Shinjuku…In addition to the great view taking in Mount Fuji and Tokyo Sky Tree, the reasonable prices of its dishes — which max out at ¥660 — are among the cafeteria's most interesting attractions.”

Source: Japan Times

4. Japanese customers can now link smartphone with their rice cooker

“Panasonic …has developed a series of rice cookers for the Japanese market that can be controlled by an Android smartphone device. By hovering said smartphone over the blue indicator (pictured above), consumers will be able to set the timer, rice type, and how the rice should be cooked…The entire package will cost Japanese consumers around 50,000 Yen (around $600).”


5. Japanese customers soon to order & pay for McDonald’s food using mobile phone

“In Japan,(McDonald’s).. testing a service that will let people place orders and pay for their food with a swipe of their mobile phone. Customers order and pass their phone over a special reader device to pay. The whole process takes 30 seconds.”

Source: MSN Money

Note:  Many Japanese websites delete their links after 24 hours

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