April 16, 2012

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Monday 16th, April 2012

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1. Kansai region of Japan – Kyoto & Osaka cities economy worth $US 1 trillion

Kansai area of western Japan that has an economy worth $US 1 trillion and is home to the cities of Osaka and Kyoto

Source: Japan close to nuclear restart by Tsuyoshi Inajima, Australian Financial Review Newspaper, Wednesday 11th April, 2012, page 45

2. Vietnam targets 1 million Japanese tourists by 2015

“(Vietnam) The country has targeted to welcome 1 million Japanese tourists by 2015… Viet Nam has significant advantages to attract Japanese tourists including stable political security, 15 days visa to be exempt from Japanese guests travelling to Viet Nam, near distance between Viet Nam and Japan (only 5 hour direct flight), many cultural similarities between two countries, good diplomatic relationship and various tourism resources of Viet Nam which meet the Japanese people's tastes.”

: Vietnam News

3. 96% of Japanese consumers aware of QR codes – highest in Asia

96% of Japanese consumers were aware of QR codes, followed closely by South Korea (95%) and China (92%). The survey shows that most mobile consumers scanned QR codes to receive a digital coupon and to receive more information on a specific product. Most consumers in these markets also scanned QR codes they found on websites (62% average), with only 28% of consumers scanning codes associated with outdoor marketing campaigns.”

4. Ikea opens its sixth store in in Japan in Fukuoka

Swedish furniture giant Ikea opened a store Wednesday near the city of Fukuoka, its sixth retail outlet in Japan and the first in Kyushu, according to operator Ikea Japan K.K.”

Source: Japan Times

5. Sony launches new smart watch

Sony…released an Internet-linked wristwatch powered by Google-backed Android software…SmartWatch gets online by connecting wirelessly to a wearer’s Android smartphone using Bluetooth technology…provides access to live content and entertainment on the go
Source: Japan Today

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