Japanese Customer: Documentary - Japan - Searching for the dream

July 28, 2012

Documentary - Japan - Searching for the dream

Picture: Carp banner to celebrate childrens day in Japan

Watch a video here and learn how Gallup has undertaken a detailed survey of Japanese customers

"Is the sun rising or setting on the Japanese dream? A people who once drew their identity from a sense of community and belonging, find themselves going their separate ways. Many are discovering their individuality, but in the process, are abandoning the common values and shared ideals that produced the post-war miracle of Japan. It is a culture divided between a heritage of unifying, if not rigid, social principles, in conflict with a younger culture’s quest for Western ideas and unrestrained freedoms. Japan today is a nation at the edge...redefining itself, reinterpreting its past in light of its future, and searching for its dreams."

Source:  DOCUMENTARY Japan: Searching for the Dream
accessed Saturday 28/07/12

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