November 13, 2012

Japanese customers take notice of new Nissan Serena S Hybrid with 38 miles per gallon and reduced vehicle taxes

Video - Ad for new Nissan Serena s hybrid (Japanese)

"Nissan Serena minivan is a huge hit among Japanese consumers.... and Nissan claims the lead through the first seven months of 2012. ...A fuel economy rating of 35.8 miles per gallon for the two-wheel drive version....This version of the Serena S-HYBRID is the only minivan sold in Japan that receives full exemptions for the country’s vehicle acquisition and weight levies. ..Standard models sold starting next year qualify buyers for 50% reductions in these taxes. A 75% reduction in vehicle taxes is available for buyers who select four-wheel drive units with the Idling Stop feature."

Source: Nissan Serena S-HYBRID Debuts in Japan
by Nicholas Katers
August 7, 2012

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