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May 20, 2013

Japanese Customer Newsletter May 20th 2013

Japanese Customer Newsletter, May 20th, 2013.

#1. Accommodation

"Hotels offering compact, short-term accommodation have been popular in Japan for years. The Capsule Inn Osaka was one of the world's first capsule hotels when it launched in 1979."

Source: Airport's world-first 'sleeping pods' allow private naps for passengers
May 9, 2013, The Age Newspaper, Soo Kim

#2. Finance

"The dollar breached the 100 yen mark for the first time in four years and one month Friday morning. Many market players believe the greenback will further strengthen against the Japanese currency, with some predicting the U.S. unit will approach 105 yen over the next three months."

Source: ANALYSIS: Dollar Seen Gaining Further Ground Against Yen
Friday 10th May, 2013, Nikkei

#3 Finance

"At this point, Japan’s debt is well over twice its G.D.P., its budget deficit remains large, and the interest rate on 10-year bonds is 0.6 percent. No, that’s not a misprint."

Source: Bernanke, Blower of Bubbles?
By PAUL KRUGMAN, Published: May 9, 2013
New York Times

#4. Tourism

"Visit Japan campaign in an effort to attract more tourists to the country. The goal is to bring in 25 million annually by 2020 and build that up to more than 30 million per year…In March, the Justice Ministry said 9.17 million foreign nationals visited in 2012, up more than 2 million from the previous year"

Source: Tourism goal sparks plan to expedite immigration process
May 10th, 2013
Japan Times

#5. Food

"LOTTERIA will roll out an interesting ramen burger (Musashi)….For a limited time only. It consists of ramen noodles that have been seasoned and grilled…serving as the patty, barbecued pork (“chashu”) in sweet brown sauce… mayonnaise between two buns. Price: 634 yen.. Sales period: from May 20 to mid-June"

Source: Lotteria to roll out ramen burger
May 10th, 2013
Japan Today

#6. Food

"sanuki udon, which hails from sleepy Kagawa Prefecture. At Hanamaru with hundreds of branches throughout Japan, a basic order of sanuki goes for just ¥294. "

Source: Chains that bring local dishes to you
BY STEVE TRAUTLEIN, Japan Times, May 10th, 2013

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