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June 24, 2013

Japanese Customer Newsletter, June 24th, 2013

Japanese Customer Newsletter, June 24th, 2013.

#1. Food

"the Pacific oyster was introduced to Australia from Japan by the CSIRO 60 years ago….Science from Japan's Watanabe Oyster Laboratory is discovering unexpected health benefits as well. People fed with its Pacific oyster extract are claimed to report better sleep, greater levels of antioxidants, and, in men, increased sperm concentrations."

Source: How a selfish shellfish is conquering our shores
June 9, 2013, Andrew Darby, The Age Newspaper

#2. Food

"Japan's two major "gyudon" beef-bowl restaurant chain operators will expand their overseas operations at an accelerated pace in the current fiscal year ending March 2014"

Source: Major Beef Bowl Chains To Expand Overseas Ops
Nikkei.com, Sunday June 9th 2013

#3 Music

"Rino Sashihara was voted the most popular member of all-girl singing group AKB48 in the 5th annual popularity contest before 70,000 fans at Nissan Stadium in Yokohama…Sashihara, 20, received 150,570 votes"

Source: Sashihara voted most popular AKB48 member
JUN. 09, 2013, Japan Today

#4. Prices

"The price of a soda in a vending machine has stubbornly remained the same for 15 years. Now, as back then, a can of Georgia Coffee, Pocari Sweat sports drink or Kirin Lemon soda typically sells for 120 yen, roughly $1.20"

Source: One Obstacle Won’t Budge in Japan’s Fight With Deflation
By HIROKO TABUCHI, Published: May 31, 2013, New York Times

#6. Population

" Japan’s birthrate last year hit its highest level since 1996, with the number of babies a woman is expected to have in her lifetime rising to an average of 1.4 for the first time in 16 years….. Japan needs a birthrate of 2.07 in order to maintain its current population"

Source: Birthrate Rises – but Births Still Fall
Japan Real Time, WSJ, June 7, 2013, By Yuko Takeo

#7. Language

"Japanese, with its highly syllabic alphabet, often has a hard time accommodating the often chaotic nature of natural English pronunciation…NTT has revealed technology it’s working on that may one day automatically correct a Japanese person’s English pronunciation by editing the speed and rhythm while keeping the original speaker’s voice intact.…"

Source: NTT showcases technology which can 'correct' Japanese people’s English pronunciation
JUN. 09, 2013, Japan Today

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