June 16, 2013

New Hugh Jackman "The Wolverine" film 2013 story set in Japan background and trailer

Movie Trailer: The Wolverine

Source: StreamingTrailer, You Tube Channel

Accessed June 16th 2013

"the Japanese setting exemplifies the isolated quality of the film. "It's akin to taking him to another planet," he says, "because it is so foreign from "anything he knows. It puts him in circumstances that are really deeply alien. And the mechanics of that story challenge him in primal and deeply psychological, emotional as well as physical, and manifestable ways that make for the kind of character you hope for, but very, very hard to find." ...The plot, based on a particular X-Men comic book series that is a favourite among many fans, sees Jackman's unkillable hero meet up with a Japanese man whose life he once saved. Now old, he offers Logan the opportunity to forego his immortality."

Source: Welcome to Hell: Jackman's journey to the ultimate Wolverine
June 8, 2013
Giles Hardie
The AGE Newspaper

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