June 25, 2013

Video: Trailer - Japanese Horror Movie - 2013 - Monster モンスター (Japanese)


Video:Monster (モンスター) — Trailer — japanese horror, 2013 Dorkaaa33 ,
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Japanese Movie - 2013 - Monster モンスター


"Her name was Masako Tabuchi (Saki Takaoka). Because of her ghastly appearance, Masako was never loved. She caused trouble there and then was thrown out of her hometown. Masako went to Tokyo and she became aware of plastic surgery. With money that she made as a prostitute, Masako underwent plastic surgery all over her body and face. Finally, she has an ideal appearance. At this time, Masako can't stop thinking about a man who she once loved. She changes her name to Miho Suzuhara and goes back to her hometown. She renovates a vacation lodge and opens a restaurant."

Monster - Japanese Movie, 
Asian, accessed June 25th 2013

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