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July 22, 2013

Japanese Customer Newsletter July 22nd 2013

Japanese Customer Newsletter, July 22nd, 2013.

#1. Innovation

"one of the most watched videos in YouTube history is "Japanese Way of Folding T-Shirts" (the task takes six seconds; the video has 5,284,445 views).

Source: Back to basics, June 22, 2013, By Samantha Selinger-Morris. The Age

Video source: mushk45, You Tube Channel

#2. Customer Service

"Hanshin Electric Railway Co. has expanded its email service to notify parents when their children arrive at and leave school beyond its home market in the Kansai region to cover Tokyo and Nagoya…. IC tags attached to children’s school bags are designed to prompt email messages to their parents when the kids pass through the gates on their way in and out of school."

Source: Hanshin widens email notice to parents of kids’ arrivals, exits from school, June 22nd 2013, Japan Times

#3 Stress relief

"A new social phenomenon, dubbed “rui-katsu” (tear-seeking), is spreading across Japan as adults gather together to watch tear-jerking movies and cry in public as a way of releasing stress….. “People cannot fix their mental health if they bottle up their sadness or refuse to admit it to themselves. Being able to cry without worrying about their public image or appearance is an important step for them to break free from the depression that they may be going through,” 

Source: Participants ease stress levels at crying events, June 22nd
Japan Times

#4. Pre- Natal testing 

"The number of prenatal tests for diagnosing chromosomal abnormalities using amniocentesis in Japan reached around 20,000 in 2012, up 4,000 from the previous year and double the figure 10 years earlier, reflecting an increase in late childbearing"

Source: Prenatal tests using amniocentesis rising
June 22nd 2013
Japan Times

#6. Abenomics

"Abenomics has consisted of three prongs: there is broad monetary policy, second is the flexible fiscal policy, and the third one is a growth strategy that encourages private-sector investment.''

Source: Sun rises once more on Japan, June 19, 2013, Penny Pryor,

#7. Fashion

" UNIQLO….plans to accelerate store openings across Asia….At the end of May 2013, UNIQLO operated 1,254 stores in 13 markets, including 23 stores in the four Southeast Asian countries of Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines."

Source: UNIQLO opens first store in Indonesia, JUN. 22, 2013, Japan Today

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