July 08, 2013

Japanese Customer Newsletter July 8th 2013

Japanese Customer Newsletter, July 8th, 2013.

#1. Technology Ownership

"Smartphone ownership grew sharply to 49.5 percent of households in Japan at the end of 2012 from 29.3 percent a year earlier …..Tablet PC ownership rose to 15.3 percent in late 2012 from 8.5 percent a year earlier, while regular PCs were found at 75.8 percent of households, down from 77.4 percent…. 31.4 percent of people citing smartphones as their device to access the Internet last year, nearly double from 16.2 percent a year earlier. Tablets were used by 7.9 percent … while 59.5 percent said their device was regular PCs at home" 

Source: 1 in 2 Japanese households own a smartphone, Kyodo,
Posted at 06/17/2013 ,

#2. Food

"McDonald's ..Japan… will on June 24 start selling two versions of its Quarter Pounder hamburger during the summer. The Quarter Pounder, which has 150% more meat than a regular McDonald's hamburger, will come in two styles: The Quarter Pounder BLT, which is made with bacon, lettuce and tomato and will sell for 520-570 yen, and the Quarter Pounder Habanero Tomato, which is served with hot, spicy habanero sauce and will be priced at 480-520 yen."

Source: McDonald's To Sell 2 Types Of Quarter Pounder In Summer
Monday, June 17, 2013

#3 Drinks 

“We’re developing 320 milliliter bottles for train station vendors, taking into account that women can fit them in their bags and they’re easier to carry.” 

Ito En - Green Tea manufacturer

Source: Green Tea Wars Heat Up
By Joelle Metcalfe
June 18th, 2013, Wall Street Journal, Japan Real Time

#4. Resources

"BHP Billiton has jettisoned another asset, selling a 15 per cent stake in a West Australian iron ore mine to two Japanese conglomerates for $US 1.5 billion…ITOCHU corporation $US 800 million…Mitsui $US 700 million"

Source: BHP sell-off raises $1.5b, by John Dagge, Herald Sun, Saturday 22nd June, 2013, p 34

#6. Medicine

"A cancer hospital in Chiba has developed an app for tablet computers that can help elderly patients conduct self-diagnoses at home."

Source: the small print, June 19, 2013, Haunted politicos and other ghostly sightings, By: Reg Dunlap, Jun 19, 2013, Issue: 1004,

#7. Driving 

"The Metropolitan Police Department says 334 motorists in Tokyo have been ticketed since 2007 for failing to obey traffic signs that were, in fact, installed without official approval. The drivers have had their violations overturned."

Source: the small print, June 19, 2013, Haunted politicos and other ghostly sightings, By: Reg Dunlap, Jun 19, 2013, Issue: 1004,

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