September 30, 2013

Japanese Customer Newsletter September 30th 2013

Japanese Customer Newsletter, September 30th 2013.

#1. Economy

“.. I will be firing the next arrow within my growth strategy. I will assertively push through a bold tax reduction in order to stimulate investment,” Prime Minster, Shinzo Abe said during his speech to the NYSE exchange.”

Source: Abe promises bold tax cut, September 27, 2013
Tetsuya Ito, Yomiuri Shimbun,

#2. Food

“Ham is also the No. 1 gift item during the “ochugen” and “oseibo” gift-giving seasons because of its flexibility. “ Paul Kraft, CEO, Toranomon Ham KK

Source: Bringing HoneyBaked Ham to Japan, By Chris Betros
SEP. 16, 2013, Japan Today

#3 Technology

“A robot that picks ripe strawberries while farmers sleep has been unveiled with claims it could cut workloads by two-thirds.The device, unveiled Wednesday, can pick a piece of fruit every eight seconds by using three cameras to determine which strawberries are ready to pick. “

Source: Latest robot can pick strawberry fields forever, September 26th 2013, Japan Times

#4. Audio

“Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc. will reproduce albums…. in high-resolution audio, which boasts crisper sound than CDs. These will be released online by group firm Label Gate Co. on Oct. 17. Label Gate will offer some 600 enhance-audio albums from roughly 10 labels, including Warner Music Japan Inc.”

Source: Sony To Launch High-Resolution Audio Albums, Equipment, Friday September 27th 2013,

#6. Quote

“Although she jokes about wanting to go to the hospital with me, she still can be even stricter than my aunt here in keeping after me to have my hair cut and to take baths” p53

Natsume Soseki

Source: Light and Darkness

#7. Smartphones

“Panasonic Corp. said Thursday it has suspended development and production of smartphones for consumers in Japan to focus its resources on the corporate customer market where growth is expected.”

Source: Panasonic suspends smartphone development for consumers, Friday September 27th 2013, Mainichi Shimbun

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