September 23, 2013

Japanese Customer Newsletter September 23rd 2013

Japanese Customer Newsletter, September 23rd 2013.

#1. Rising Fuel Costs

“It was reported that many port towns in Japan are decommissioning ships used for harbor tours because of rising fuel costs and declining interest.”

Source: Invading green lizards and other threats, By: Steve Trautlein, Jul 10, 2013, Issue: 1007, The Small Print, Metropolis,

#2. Places

" Niijima, one of the nine inhabited islands in Japan's Izu archipelago…Around the 18th century, it served as a prison for mainland exiles…a 40 minute flight from Tokyo…Niijima has become one of Japan's top surfing destinations"

Source: Island of many faces by James Nestor, Life & Leisure, AFR, 12 -14 July, 2013, page L11

#3 Health

"The local government is…..taking care of our health very well with regular screening and medical examinations" Hatsue Takeda…."Nagano (Japan) leads the nation for both genders, with a life expectancy of 87.18 years for women and 80.88 for men"

Source: Old ways not the only way to long life by Rick Wallace, The Weekend Australian, July 13 - 14th, 2013, page 11

#4. Organ Donation

"In Japan, the nation’s once stringent Law on Organ Transplantation had recently been revised, taking effect in July 2010. The revisions make it possible to offer the organs of children up for transplant...To date though, there has been only one case in which the organs of a child younger than 6 years old were donated for transplant."

Source: Family agonizes over decision to donate child's organs, July 12, 2013, By AKIKO OKAZAKI, Asahi Shimbun

#6. Quote

“Thanks to the imagination,

there’s no end to things in this world

that can trigger anxiety”

page 20

Ryu Murakami

Source: Piercing

#7. Voting

"In a Tokyo Shimbun survey, less than 18 percent of people over 50 said that they would use the Internet to study candidates. Another poll by the Asahi Shimbun didn’t distinguish by age, but 63 percent of the respondents said the Internet will “not really” or “not at all” affect their vote."

Source: Democracy hits the Web, but are the ‘real’ voters listening? BY PHILIP BRASOR, Japan Times, July 13th 2013

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