October 21, 2013

Japanese Customer Newsletter October 21st 2013

Japanese Customer Newsletter, October 21st 2013.

#1. Square Watermelons

"Watermelons grown into cubic shape in plastic containers from Japan's Kagawa Prefecture are catching on among wealthy Russians, selling for 28,000 rubles (about $856) apiece at a luxury supermarket in Moscow."

Video: A Square watermelon 


Source: Cubic watermelons from Kagawa Pref. catch on among wealthy Russians, July 16th 2013, Mainichi Shimbun

#2. Automobile Taxes

"JAMA has been calling for two automobile taxes to be scrapped. It argues that Japanese drivers have to pay 50 times more in vehicle taxes than their U.S. counterparts."

Source: Cars Yet to Motor on Abenomics, By Yoshio Takahashi, July 12th 2013, Wall Street Journal,

#3 Oil

"Saudi Aramco….The contract …allows Aramco to store up to 600,000 kiloliters (3.8 million barrels) of crude in Okinawa, southwest Japan…In return for providing free storage space, Japan gets a priority claim on the stockpiles in case of an emergency."

Source: Japan agrees to extend Aramco oil storage deal, July 16th 2013,Saudia Gazzette

#4. Weather

"During 2010, the number of heat-stroke incidents also reached serious levels, with 54,000 people hospitalized and 1,700 deaths nationwide.The elderly are most susceptible to the heat due to their reluctance to turn on air conditioning out of a desire to conserve energy"

Source: Japan Gets More Days of Extreme Heat, July 12th 2013, WSJ, Japan Real Time, by Joelle Metcalfe

#6. Quote

“Fukuko stored all this away and began to observe Shozo and Lilys behavior more carefully” page 5

Junichiro Tanizaki

Source: A Cat, Shozo and Two women

#7. Apartments

"The number of new condominiums put on the market in the Tokyo metropolitan area rose 22% on the year to 4,888 units in June….For the first half of 2013, the number of new condos put on the market stood at 24,299 units, up 17.1%.In the Kinki region, the number of new condos that went on the market increased 15.3% to 2,417 units. "

Source: Tokyo Condo Offerings Up 22% In June, July 16th 2013,

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