October 19, 2013

Sharp Japan improves the Cocorobo vacuum cleaner with an array of new features to increase convenience

Video: Cocorobo vaccuum cleaner by SHarp
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Since its release Sharp has improved the robot, increasing how long it operates, the strength of the suction and allows it to know go under chairs

"Cocorobo (Sharp) home cleaning robot ....The robot will detect the size of rooms and places where dirt has accumulated. If there is no dirt, the robot will automatically reduce suction strength, giving it the ability to run more than 60% longer on a charge.The new robot will be able to clean an average-size four-room home in about 100 minutes, compared with current versions, which cannot operate more than 60 minutes without a recharge."

Sharp Adds Smarts To Home Cleaning Robot
Wednesday June 12th, 2013

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