January 09, 2015

Japanese Customer News January 9th 2015

Japanese Customer News January 9th 2015

Japanese Customer News January 9th 2015


“a focus on cost-cutting over investment and incremental change over fundamental innovation, which is what has happened in Japan since the 1980’s, according to Clay Christensen, a Harvard Business school professor”

Source: Corporate world should look to the future, not just the short term, By Martin Sorell, The Australian Newspaper, Friday January 2nd, 2015, page 17.


“only 12 percent of Australian companies have any experience of Asia at all and only 9 per cent currently operate in the Asian region” Luke Sayers, Chief PWC

Source: Confidence collapsing to Gillard -era levels, warns PWC Chief By Glenda Korporaal, The Australian Newspaper, Friday January 2nd 2015, page 14.


“Japan in 2012 spent US$47.3 billion on 19.4 million overseas trips according to IPK International

Asian Tourism by source, 2012

Country,  Overseas trips, Amount spent Average

Millions US$ Billion, Amount of Trips

China 45, 84.4, 1.87

Japan 19.4 47.3 2.43

Korea 13.2 19.1 1.44

Hong Kong 10 13 1.3

Australia 8.6 23.6 2.74”

Source: Asian surge set to benefit travel sector, By Fiona Carruthers, Australian Financial Review Newspaper, Monday January 5th, 2015, page 5.


“(Australia 2014) …Japanese vehicles remained the most popular, taking out the top three positions for sales….Toyota was the biggest manufacturer by sales volume, moving 203,501 new vehicles last year almost double Holden which was in second place, selling 106,092 vehicles (Japanese Manufacturer Sales were approximately 512,367 units representing a 60.1% share)

Source: Devotees rush for a piece of history, By Anthony Klan, The Australian Newspaper, Wednesday, January 7th, 2015, page 2.


“Japan (is) …set to become even more popular…for Chinese tourists in 2015 according to a survey (Travelzoo Asia Pacific 4300 respondents)…Japan came out on top, with 39.6 per cent…”As the yen keeps weakening, Chinese are not only going to Japan to shop but also buy properties” Vivian Hong, President Travelzoo China


“China Travel

Chinese travellers preferred destinations in 2015

1. Japan 39.6%

2. US 31.4%

3. New Zealand 26.8%

4. Australia 25.6%

5. Taiwan 24.9%””

Source: Japan, US rise in popularity among Chinese tourists, By Wei Gu, The Wall Street Journal, The Australian Newspaper, Wednesday January 7th, 2015, page 22


“Toyota says it will share its 5700 patents related to hydrogen fuel cells with other car companies without charging a royalty fee hoping to speed the introduction of the technologies that the Japanese, carmaker has put its weight behind”

Source: Toyota to share green car patents with rivals, By Mike Ramsey, The Wall Street Journal, The Australian Newspaper, Wednesday January 7th, 2015 page 20.

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