February 27, 2015

Japanese Customer News February 27th 2015

Japanese Customer News February 27th 2015

Japanese Customer News February 27th 2015


“Japan Inc sees no need for an aggressive pursuit of a 2 percent inflation goal or additional monetary easing….The Reuters Corporate Survey, conducted Feb. 2-17, showed ….Around 49 percent of firms saw domestic demand flat this year while 44 percent saw it expanding a little… The 60 percent slide in oil prices between June and January has also boosted hopes that Japanese companies will reap some windfall profits as their hefty fuel import costs drop”

Source: Japan Inc. sees no need for 2 percent inflation or more easing: Reuters poll, by Testushi Kajimoto, Reuters, Sunday February 22nd, 2015.


“Japanese chemical manufacturer Asahi Kasei Corp has agreed to buy Polypore International Inc's PPO.N energy storage business for $2.2 billion, betting on growth in demand for hybrid and electric cars.Both companies produce lithium-ion battery separators used in electronic gadgets and automobiles, Asahi Kasei President Toshio Asano believes “the next big market is electric and hybrid cars"

Source: Asahi Kasei eyes electric car growth with $2.2 billion Polypore battery deal, by Taiga Uranaka, Reuters, Monday February 23rd, 2015.


“The value of outbound Japanese acquisitions so far in 2015 is already at $27 billion, nearly half of the $56 billion total for all of last year, Thomson Reuters data show. By contrast, the value of domestic deals has more than halved since 2011, last year hitting a 16-year low of $36 billion… After two years of stimulus from the central bank to boost inflation, consumption and investment, Japanese companies, excluding financials, have amassed record holdings of cash, reaching 233 trillion yen ($1.96 trillion), or 24 percent of their total assets.”

Source: Japan Inc shops abroad to duck bleak domestic prospects, by Antoni Slodkowski, Reuters, Tuesday February 24th, 2015.


“the weak consumer mood has kept a lid on spending as wages have yet to increase enough to make up for the sales tax hike last April, casting doubt on the strength of the recovery. Soft consumption is a headache for the Bank of Japan, which hopes its aggressive money printing will fuel expectations that prices will rise ahead and prompt households to spend more now”

Source: Weak spending to show Japan consumers unconvinced by Bank of Japan's stimulus, by Leika Kihara, Reuters, Wednesday February 25th, 2015.


“Nikon…best known for its cameras, has agreed to buy British retinal imaging firm Optos OPTS.L for .. ($400 million) as it moves into the medical sector…Optos is the market leader in retinal imaging ….Retinal imaging is a booming business due to aging populations, which puts more people at risk of developing age-related macular degeneration, a leading cause of blindness. “

Source: Nikon pushes into medtech with $400 million Optos acquisition, by Ben Hirschler, Reuters, Friday February 27th, 2015.

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