February 06, 2015

Japanese Customer News February 6th 2015

Japanese Customer News February 6th 2015

Japanese Customer News February 6th 2015


“the Japanese corporate structure is too rigid….in the age of the Internet, the company must respect its employees and encourage them to innovate” Zang Ruimin, Chairman of Haier Group

Source: Haier model at the vanguard of a new wave of innovation in China, By Peter Cai, The Weekend Australian Newspaper January 31st - February 1st, 2015, page 31.


“Sony (is) …shutting down…Music Unlimited at the end of March (2015)…the streaming service, one of the biggest in Japan, is integrated into Sony’s PlayStation consoles…Spotify will now power the music for PlayStation users in 41 markets…Spotify hasn’t launched in Japan….despite negotiating for years with Japanese record labels, which still rely heavily on CD s ales for profit”

Source: Sony’s music streaming exit fuels shake-out, By Hannah Karp, The Wall Street Journal, The Australian Newspaper, Friday January 30th, 2015, page 23.


“credit cards must be returned to customers Japanese-style, with two hands and full eye contact” Uniqlo Training…Japan is the world’s most competitive retail market…To be No 1 in Japan means….customer service” Shoichi Miyasaki, CEO, Uniqlo Australia.

Source: Heir Apparel by Georgina Safe, Good Weekend Magazine, The Age newspaper, Saturday January 31st, 2015, page 24.


● “How we compare

Country GDP Goods & Global Rank by

Growth Services Competitiveness % of

2014 % Exports as GDP

% of GDP

Australia 2.8 21.3 22 4

Japan 0.1 17.3 6 5

USA 2.4 13.4 3 6

Singapore 3.6 187.2 2 2

Hong Kong 3.0 229.6 7 1

Malaysia 5.9 82.6 20 3

Source: DFAT, World Economic Forum”

Source: No stomach for reform by Rowan Callick, The Australian Newspaper, February 5th, 2015, page 11.


● “Projected GDP at purchasing power parity rankings (in 2014 $USbillion)

PPP 2014 $USbn PPP 2030 $USbn PPP 2050 $USbn

Rank Rank Rank

4 Japan 4,788 4 Japan 6,006 7 Japan 7,914

19 Australia 1,100 23 Australia 1,707 28 Australia 2,903

Source: PWC

Source: Education may stop backslide by Jacob Greber, The Australian Financial Review Newspaper, Wednesday February 11th, 2015, page 3.

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