March 20, 2015

Japanese Customer News March 20th 2015

Japanese Customer News March 20th 2015

Japanese Customer News March 20th 2015


“ Japan’s Idemitsu has sold….10 per cent stake in its NSW Boggabri coalmine…(to) Japanese giant Nippon Steel and Sumitomo…the deal…would see the new…partner receive product from the mine….pulverized coal injection (PCI) coal, semi -soft coking coal and thermal coal. The (mine) produced about 5.6 million tonnes of coal last year (2014)”

Source: Idemitsu sells coal mine stake to Nippon Steel by Sarah Jane Tasker, The Australian Newspaper, Wednesday March 25th, 2015 page 22.


“four years ago, when (Australian) companies were allowed to introduce a twin system of “self-regulation”, using their own inspectors throughout meat work’s except for the final carcass health check, Europe and Japan refused to buy “self-inspected” beef products as they did not meet their standards”

Source: Quality fears if beef tick privatized, by Sue Neales, The Australian Newspaper, Monday 23rd March, 2015, page 3.


“….you can spend 20 years in Japan and not understand the culture. But knowing the language offers an intimate environment”

Source: Getting Asians on board, by Verity Edwards, The Weekend Australian, 28th - 29th March, 2015, page 48.


“non-regular jobs have grown to 19.9 million from 18.2 million since Mr. Abe took office two years ago, while permanent full-time positions have fallen to 32.7 million from 33.4 million”

Source: Casual workers miss out on Japan’s bounce by Mitsuru Obe, The Wall Street Journal, The Weekend Australian Newspaper, March 14 - 15, 2015, page 30.

“Household incomes (in Japan) remain roughly where they were 20 years ago….Economists say pay at companies such as Toyota has long served as a benchmark for other businesses”

Source: Japan’s giants OK largest pay rises in years, by Jonathan Soble, Australian Financial Review, Friday 20th March, 2015, page 31.

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