April 11, 2015

Japanese Customer News April 11th 2015

Japanese Customer News April 11th 2015

Japanese Customer News April 11th 2015

“As recently as 2008…Japanese companies sold two-fifths of the world’s TV’s….by last year (2014) that proportion halved as Korean and Chinese offerings became more popular”

Source: Sun rises again from Japan tech, The Financial Times, Australian Financial Review Newspaper, Wednesday April 8th, 2015, page 25.

“Japanese investors bought $2.87 billion of Australian bonds in February…(2015)…the second-biggest amount in the past 10 years, Ministry of Finance data showed….Australian bonds have remained attractive (2.25 per cent)…to Japanese investors, where yields are not far from zero”

Source: Japanese bond buying slows Aussie’s descent, by David Rogers, The Australian Newspaper, Thursday April 9th, 2015, page 31.

“Engineers at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries are developing a wireless power transmission system that uses microwaves. They hope the system can provide electricity to facilities in remote areas where it is difficult to install power cables”

Source: The Small Print, By Steve Trautlein,, April 9th 2015, Issue 1098.

“Japanese saying, “Nana - korobi, ya-oki” - Fall seven times, get up eight” Takashi Ueda, President of Sanoyas Holding Corporation

Source: Dizzy Dreams by Patrick Durkin, Boss Magazine, Australian Financial Review, April 2015 issue, page 7.

“The (Japanese) government last week…submitted a bill making it mandatory for workers to take five days of paid holiday a year… Japanese employees took only half their holiday allowance last year…says online travel agency Expedia”

Source: Cutting hours the Japanese way by Kana Inagaki, The Financial Times, Australian Financial Review, Thursday April 9th, 2015, page 24.

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