April 25, 2015

Japanese Customer News April 25th 2015

Japanese Customer News April 25th 2015

Japanese Customer News April 25th 2015

“Lion owned by Japanese..Kirin, is the largest supplier to Australian supermarkets through its wide portfolio of brands and foods…dairy products such as white…flavoured milk and cheeses to juices…it is the nation’s biggest brewer”

Source: Lion’s roar over looming price war by Eli Greenblat, The Australian Newspaper, Monday 20th April, 2015, page 19.

“Uniqlo’s sales per square meter are higher in Australia than Uniqlo’s global average but rent and labour costs are also higher”

Source: Uniqlo to target interstate growth, by Sue Mitchell, Australian Financial Review, April 21st, 2015, page 17.

“Leading Japanese firms with subsidiaries in Australia…such as Kirin… have found difficulty in persuading employees in Australia to latch on to opportunities in ASEAN and beyond”

Source: Japanese seek Asian focus, by Greg Earl, Australian Financial Review, April 21st 2015, page 21.

“ 2015 Australian Corporate Reputation Index Source: AMR

1. Toyota

10. Mazda

18. Lion

36. 7-Eleven”

Source: Toyota in consumer trust sweet spot, by Timna Jacks, Australian Financial Review, April 22nd, 2015, page 15.

“Central Japan Railway’s seven-car “maglev” - aka magnetic levitation - train …..set a new train world speed record in a test run today near Mount Fuji. It reached more than 600km/h”

Source: When you said the in-carriage movie was speed, MX Newspaper, Wednesday April 22nd, 2015, page 8.

“The Nikkei average of 225 stocks closed up 224.81 points….at 20,133.90, the first close above the 20,000 mark since April 14, 2000”

Source: Nikkei surges above 20,000 by Kosaku Norioka, The Wall Street Journal, Thursday April 23rd, 2015, page 31.

“Nikkei is a simple average of 225 (companies), what’s behind its rise is expectations for higher corporate earnings” Toshihiko Matsuno, SMBC Friend Securities…”(The Nikkei) could climb higher if TPP talks reach an accord, sparking hopes for the promotion of external trade”Mr. Matsuno said”

● “Japan posted its first trade surplus in nearly three years in March, as imports fell due to tumbling oil prices, while the value of exports to North America soared”

Source: Nikkei hits 15-year record on earnings optimism, AFP, Australian Financial Review, Thursday April 23rd 2015, page 17.

“Mitsui’s investments in Australia have totalled $14 billion in the past decade, with joint ventures in the resources field alone with companies including BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, Anglo American, Santos, Wesfarmers and Woodside”

Source: China yet to sate its appetite for steel says Mitsui local boss, by Rowan Callick, The Australian Newspaper, Friday April 24th, 2015, page 19.

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