April 04, 2015

Japanese Customer News April 4th 2015

Japanese Customer News April 4th 2015


 Japanese Customer News April 4th 2015

“(Casio) Since 2008, costs have fallen more than revenue allowing operating margins to expand by 2 percentage points , to 8 per cent. Net income has doubled the success of the company’s selfie cameras and G-Shock watch range have supported Asian revenue…The share price is at a seven year high”

Source: Japanese electronics win ugly to claim victory, The Lex Column, The Financial Times, Australian Financial Review Newspaper, Thursday March 5th, 2015 page 3.

“The Bank of Japan is aggressively supporting the economy, and corporations are taking more steps to enact shareholder-friendly policies”

Source: Easy money drives global markets to highs, by Tom Lauricella, The Wall Street Journal, The Australian Newspaper, Thursday April 2nd, 2015, page 31.

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