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December 12, 2015

Japanese Customer News December 12th 2015

“Japan is likely to win a multi-billion-dollar contract to build India’s first hogh speed railway, a 500 km high-speed railway link between Mumbai and Ahmedabad…valued at about AUS $20.4 billion”

Source: Japan nears India bullet train train deal by Mitsuru Obe and Rajesh Roy, The Wall Street Journal, The Australian Newspaper, Thursday 10th December, 2015, page 24.

● “The president of Nippon Life Insurance says his company will allow policy holders to list same-sex partners as beneficiaries”

Source” The Small Print, December 10th 2015, by Steve Trautlein, Metropolisjapan.com

“Where does Australia invest?

Rank Country AUS $Billions % of total

4. Japan 69.6 3.6

Source: Based on ABS catalogue 5352.0 September 2015”

Source: Turnbull throws down gauntlet, by Glenda Korporal, The Australian, Friday December 11th, 2015, page 37.

● “Worlds top five by revenue

For Games Mobile Games

China $US 22.2 billion China $US 6.5 billion

US $US 22 billion Japan $US 6.2 billion

Japan $US 12.3 billion US $US 6 billion

S Korea $US 4 billion S Korea $US 1.9 billion”

Source: Tencent looks abroad for games domination, by Juro Osawa, WSJ, The Australian Newspaper, Tuesday 8th December, 2015, page 25.

“the most inspiring virtual reality VR came from Sony. Its VR headset for PlayStation 4 lets you explore a 3D, virtual environment, you can walk around it and, using move controllers, you can even pick up objects”

Source: Years top personal tech innovations on the money, by Chris Griffith, The Australian Newspaper, Tuesday December 8th, 2015, page 28.

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