January 02, 2016

Japanese words that describe the blooming of the cherry blossom

Japanese cherry blossom copyright peter hanami 2009

Picture: Japanese cherry blossom 

There are a wide range of words, phrases and sayings related to Japanese hanami. Let's take a look at how the cherry blossom blooms.

"Saku is the verb for bloom represented by the following character 咲く read sa-ku.

咲き匂う read as Sa-ki-nio-u is a verb that describes how the bloom of the blossom is beautiful and fragrant.

咲き出る read as sa-ki-de-ru or sa-ki-da-su is a verb that describes that the cherry blossom bloom is just beginning to bloom or comeout.

咲き誇る read as sa-ki-hoko-ru is a verb that describes the cherry blossom blooming in all its glory"

Source: The Compact Nelson
Japanese English Character Dictionary
By Andrew Nelson
Tuttle Publishing, Page 30
ISBN: 4-8053-0574-6

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