July 22, 2016

Book Review: The Wayfarer by Natsume Soseki

Book Review: The Wayfarer by Natsume Soseki

A period novel set in the early 1900’s with four distinct sections. for example the first section deals with a friend who enters hospital with a stomach complaint but then unravels as a love story gone wrong as we learn Misawa forced his companion to drink even though she had a bad condition and it forced her intoto hospital, he felt guilty and followed her there.

The novel reveals the lifestyle of the period that shares clothing, food, people’s daily routines, rickshaws, street cars, telephone, ice box, the seasons and rooming in a boarding house. We learn about places in Tokyo, the minutiae of family life and communication, the insights of how an arranged marriage comes about

An interesting insight to the period and family relationships

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Book Review: The Wayfarer by Natsume Soseki

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