July 01, 2018

Book Review The Buddha Tree by Fumio Niwa

Book Review The Buddha Tree by Fumio Niwa

Author:         Fumio Niwa
Translator:   Kenneth Strong
Publisher:    Charles Tuttle, Tokyo, Japan.1968
                        ISBN:             0-8048-0995-X                                 Pages:  380

Life inside a Buddhist Temple

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Set in a rural town in Japan, a priest of a historic temple finds himself in a spot of trouble that has built itself up over a number of years and he now is faced to deal with it. A strong set of characters build the scene and plot.

We learn the inner workings of a Buddhist temple, how people live, their daily life and the jobs involved with the temple and the interaction with parishioners. We gain a snapshot of Japanese culture, customs and rituals and the norms of the period.

A light novel that will keep your interest as you learn about people, institutions, customs and culture in a warm , charming way. Fumio Niwa is a great story teller.


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