🌸Japanese Customer : Book Review Footprints in the snow by Kenjiro Tokutomi


November 01, 2018

Book Review Footprints in the snow by Kenjiro Tokutomi

Author: Kenjiro Tokutomi

Translator: Kenneth Strong

Publisher: Tuttle Publishing, Tokyo, Japan, 1971

ISBN: 0293-000247-4615

Pages: 371

A novel about growing up in the Meiji Period

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A novel set in the Meiji period between 1860 and 1900 that reveals the hardships of the time where families lost their fortunes easily and the impact this had on people families and lives.
We learn the about the good and bad sides of relatives, the social impact of dramatic change in society, we gain insights into men’s and women’s worlds, social interactions including arranged marriages, the importance of education in order to get ahead and get noticed. Clothing, food, fashion and social customs of the period. Politics and its impact on everyday people, the need for guarantors for accommodation and the complexity of love in an open environment where people had little privacy.
The tale of one man’s struggle to rebuild his family’s name and wealth.


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