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June 20, 2020


Accommodation options for Japanese students

The options available for students need to be clearly explained.

"We don't host them because we love them - they help us financially"
New Zealand Homestay provider discussing why they take in International students "Homestays asked to fore go fees, New Zealand Herald 29.08.2003
Homestays can be one of the best learning and cultural experiences a student can have . They can also be the biggest nightmare for them as well. To overcome potential problems. A well managed, funded and trained staff must be on hand to manage the day today issues that come up.
Our research has found that volunteer homestays are more successful than paid ones.Why? "Money changes expectations, service and relationships"

Share house

  • 1. With local people

  • 2. With other international students

  • 3. With other Japanese students

  • Own Apartment

Buy own Property

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