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June 20, 2020



What Alumni services do you provide for Japanese students?

Alumni activities for Japanese students can be broken into two main areas onshore and offshore. Both should be set up and managed.

Onshore alumni for international students

Onshore alumni relate to those students who plan to live and work in country after graduation.

To prepare Japanese student for life after graduation, support and training in job search, work culture, rights and responsibilities, networking and developing a new range of daily skills for living

Offshore Chapter

For those who wish to return home and work for a Foreign or Japanese company. It is easy to forget these students who after graduation are often many thousands of miles away. In the past overseas alumni chapters were manned part-time, a static website, a list of members a phone number, a newsletter, and an annual event.

How times have changed and how institutions now need to provide a far wider cross-section of services and support for these global alumni.


English Language maintenance, testing and improvement.

Career information - job opportunities, market trends, job fairs, targeted seminars and keynote speeches, etc.

Institutions need full-time staff with proper budgets and authority to arm these alumni with the necessary tools to further promote the institution's courses, programs and expertise in world markets.

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